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Billal Hossain

Billal Hossain

UX & UI Designer

I started my career as a graphic designer 15. I extended my skills graphics design to UX design and user interface development to basic programming to make more qualified.

I try to establish key issues, finding the perfect balance between user needs and business goals, as well as between design and technical aspects.

I start work with user research after that create information structures than creating paper prototype then digital prototype(wireframe). The visual design does according to wireframe with an effective visual hierarchy using proper graphics, color union, perfect web font. Finally, interactive prototype to avoid confusion.

I convert visual design to HTML, CSS & JavaScript to delivery my work to the developers. I do best practices example code re-usability, optimization, SEO and page speed, and considering screen sizes.


User research, Information structure, Paper prototype, Digital prototype, Interactive prototype, Visual design, User interface development and basic programming skill.